I found Chris to be responsive, competent, and reliable, a person of integrity, someone who always had time – for the client, the situation, or me.  He also had my back as a teacher, as I discovered when I had the one client in 9 years of being a contract teacher I couldn’t reach or reason with.  He accepted my frailties without judgment, and valued my strengths.  The clients I got through Premiere were committed to learning and fun and interesting people.  Chris would always get it done, find a solution, and everyone involved would feel happy with the outcome.  I highly recommend Premiere, and anything else he is involved in.  Hire this man, work with this man; you’ll be so glad you did.
-Zoe Bell, ESL Teacher

It is very difficult to learn as much as I needed to in such little time. That being said I think Mary did an excellent job preparing me for what I would face in Mexico. I learned so much in so little time that I was surprised when we reviewed all the things she taught me. She is an excellent teacher and I’m glad she taught me for the little time I had classes.
—Jeff Brown, Corporate Spanish Student

I found my class time spent with Liz to be very productive while I was reviewing my basics.  Having a smaller, more personal class allowed me to focus on my own weaknesses while keeping areas that I thought I was strong in well polished.  When I actually went to México and had to put what I had learned into practice, I found the adjustment period to be surprisingly short and received many compliments on my speaking ability.  All in all, I would recommend these classes to anyone who can take them because they build on the strengths that you already have, and can focus on the parts of your language abilities that may be lacking.”
-Daniel May, Corporate Spanish Student

Having been an EFL and ESL teacher for 3 years, I can easily say that Premiere Language has been the most organized company I have worked for, and the best experience teaching I have had in my teaching career. I was given the opportunity to teach interesting students from around the world more about my own culture, and also learn about theirs.  Chris recommended and provided me with some really great resources for every aspect of my classes.  This really is an exceptional organization to work for!
-Harrison Hardin, ESL Teacher

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