In a year and a half teaching classes for Chris and watching him teach, I have seen always seen him put the students and their needs first.  Success is just as important to Chris as to his students – it is his main motivation inside and outside the classroom. Many people can speak English, and many fewer can teach it, but far fewer people I have met approach the teaching of adults with so much professionalism, humanity, and respect.  I also have seen that he treats other teachers or business associates as anyone would want to be treated, and not necessarily how they would expect.  I think this is why his students are so satisfied with him.
-Favio S., ESL Instructor

The course was very helpful to my professional and personal life because it gave me the opportunity to improve my understanding of English, as well as my social performance. The course was also a very enriching experience because I had the opportunity to experience an innovative teaching system which was both effective and pleasant. Chris is a very professional and honest guy and he taught me English like no one else had ever done.
–Marcos Rosales, ESL Student from Mexico

I have been so happy working with Joyce.  She’s a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
-Cristina F., ESL Student from Argentina

My wife and I took a class from Chris and we really enjoyed his classes.  He’s a great teacher.
-Andres Ceballos, ESL Student from Colombia

I learned English from Mr. Franek for about 10 months.  I studied conversation, grammar, and TOEFL preparation with him. During that time, I learned a lot from our lessons. I feel he is sincerely interested in other countries and he understands people well. He always understands our challenges with living in America and speaking English.  Mr. Franek’s TOEFL class helped me a lot. I got a good score and I was really satisfied with it.
-Stephanie Shin, ESL Student from South Korea

I can’t express the wonderful experience I had with Chris’s ESL program. I never thought I could improve my conversational skills so quickly because when I first came to this country I couldn’t even communicate in basic sentences. I had the beautiful opportunity to experience a different method to learn English.  I was expecting a regular course, teacher, and environment, but to my surprise, nothing was as I was expecting.  What I really loved from this course is how Chris connects with each student focusing on their weaknesses and helping the student to improve in their specific problem areas in a very kind and professional way. In my opinion, if you really want to learn English in a comfortable way, this is the best option.
-Tatiana Ruiz, ESL Student

Chris loves teaching. Perhaps, that is why his classes are so good that you don’t want them to end. He likes to be around internationals and help them to understand not only the language but also American culture. I was in his Conversation and Listening & Speaking classes during the summer 2004. Being his student was a great experience because I learned much more than what I expected. His classes are entertaining and very didactic. His explanations are clear and easy to understand. Additionally, Chris is a responsible, punctual, respectful, and very kind person.  In a few words, Chris Franek is an excellent professor, and I don’t hesitate to recommend his classes.
Claudia García, former student

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