While I was expatriated in the USA, I took English classes provided by Premiere Language. The English classes were part of my personal development program provided by my company for the expatriates. These classes were delivered in a very professional manner and were useful for me. I skipped very few classes in this period due to my business trips and I took the opportunity of the classes I attended to, for improving my spoken and written English. The methods used by my teacher, Elizabeth, were very productive for me. I was told that I had the biggest progress during this period and that I had the best attendance.  The classes were interactive and for me was a pleasure to work with Elizabeth. She did a very good job.
-Sorin B., Corporate Student from Romania

It is very difficult to learn as much as I needed to in such little time. That being said I think Mary did an excellent job preparing me for what I would face in Mexico. I learned so much in so little time that I was surprised when we reviewed all the things she taught me. She is an excellent teacher and I’m glad she taught me for the little time I had classes.
-Jeff B., Corporate Spanish Student

I took classes with Premiere Language for about two years. Not only did they help me to improve my English level, the classes were really engaging and helped me to cultivate a richer understanding of English from a current events and cultural perspective.  The teacher was well cultured and professional. I would recommend classes with Premiere Language without hesitation.
-Raul A., CFO for Multinational Oil Services Company

Working for Premiere Language gave me the rare freedom to have my own teaching style, and to use my creativity to develop the methods and resources that I thought best. I was able to focus on having classes that resulted in real improvement and were enjoyable for the students and for myself, and I never felt pressured to “teach to the test”.  But probably my favorite thing about the experience was the relationships that I was able to form with my students, who were interesting, intelligent people from all over the world. I highly recommend Premiere Language as a job experience.
-Liz P., ESL and Spanish Teacher

I’ve always been glad to attend the classes, I found the teachers very well prepared, professional, and punctual.
-Stefano B., Corporate Student from Italy

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Premiere English as they provided me with a unique opportunity to expand my knowledge of language training.  I found the administration and day-to-day management at Premiere English to be very professional and efficient, allowing me to devote more time to the preparation of lesson plans.  I would happily recommend Chris and his team to any aspiring teacher looking for an exciting opportunity to teach ESL within the United States.
-Marena Marshall, ESL teacher

We are very pleased with the quality of your service.  Particularly, Zoe was an excellent teacher and a very lovely person.
-Juan Jose S., Corporate ESL Student from Argentina

Chris Franek has been directing the afterschool ESL program at our private school for Korean students who have visas to attend our school from the International Home School in Seoul, Korea. We have appreciated his knowledge of methods used to improve the vocabulary and language skills of these students.  He works diligently with them everyday to guide them as they mainstream into our academic setting.  He has served as a teacher, guidance counselor, and friend to these students who have to make many adjustments in a short period of time.  We have been impressed with the students’ progress both in the classroom and socially.  This is due to Mr. Franek’s perseverance and efforts.
-Trina F., Resource Center Director at Houston area private school