Our company used Premiere Language to bring English as a Second Language courses to a portion of our Spanish speaking Maintenance and Labor crew. Chris worked diligently with our team, first helping to organize the individuals who would be right for each class level, single handedly assessing their understanding of the English language and then providing prompt information on next steps. Chris organized the instructor who was very capable and seemed to be enjoyed by the students. Above all, Chris and Phillip, our instructor, provided an invaluable tool for our crew when dealing with our clientele – the confidence to communicate effectively in English. I would refer Chris and Premiere Language to anyone with a goal of their employees to communicate effectively orally, written, and in reading while gaining confidence. I am very happy to have been a conduit for successful learning with the help of Premier Language and am ecstatic with the results of a few months of instruction.
-Casey P., Human Resources, San Diego Residential Property Management Company

We had several long-term employees that were great performers but we learned that they couldn’t read English like they could speak it. Upon learning this we reached out to Premiere Language to offer on-site training to these employees. The results were great and these employees were able to be retained even though the demand to read English had been added to their responsibilities. We have since used Premiere Language for various other opportunities and have been pleased. If language is a barrier for some of your employees, I have no doubt that Premiere Language can put together a plan to fill the gap.
Jennifer P., Senior HR Associate, Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company

Premiere Language was very accommodating with our customized needs and requests.  The director really listened to what our goals were, and was very effective in executing exactly what we needed.  The instructor was phenomenal.  We couldn’t have asked for a better fit.  She was very knowledgeable, positive, and really had a passion of teaching.  The progress we saw in our students was greater than our expectations.  We highly recommend Premiere Language for your English instructional needs.
Kimmi D., Human Resources, Multinational Oil and Gas Company

Chris has helped us maintain and in some areas build our language program.  He has provided quality instructors, services, materials and follow up.  His dedication and high standards have helped us maintain our dedication to our internal talent, in a global market.
-Stacy S., Corporate University Manager, Multinational Oil Services Company

The staff of Premiere English was great because they took the time to understand the needs of our company and our employees.  The instructor was dedicated to the success of our employees in improving their English speaking skills, and our employees responded with enthusiasm.  Not only was good will developed between the employees and the company, as the employees saw that the company was interested in their success and well being, but the before and after tests provided clear evidence of the impact this program has in improving the English skills of individuals.
Jeff A., Change Manager, Fortune 500 Oil Services Company

Premiere Language is a company who puts the students first by empowering their teachers. While teaching for Chris and Premiere I loved waking up each day to go to work knowing that both my clients and the company who contracted me had the same goals and dreams.  Both the schedule flexibility and the ability to choose my own teaching materials empowered me to create engaging and effective lesson plans for each individual student.  Traveling to the students’ offices and homes for English lessons seemed to only enhance the private sessions.  We were able to use real life scenarios and realia- books, mail, TV commercials in our lessons to teach new grammar, vocabulary, and voice inflection.  The clients I taught at Premiere were all new to this country, eager to learn English, and had such amazing stories to share.  I now feel like I know so much more about the culture and people of Argentina, Mexico, Italy, and China.  As far as management is concerned, Chris has a passion for helping expats learn English and was always willing to answer any questions I had. This has been by far the best place I have ever worked and I am truly sad to leave.
Chelsea B., ESL Teacher

I taught with Premiere English for over 3 years. Working with Chris was a truly rewarding experience. He works diligently to match teachers with assignments that best suit them and the students. He is very supportive and encouraging of the work his teachers do. He is easy to communicate with and always takes any concerns or issues seriously and compassionately . He truly cares about teachers and students which creates an ideal situation in which to teach and learn.
-Jillian G., ESL Teacher

I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Franek over the last few years through a private school in Houston, Texas. He was in charge of the English enrichment program for several of my international students. I would highly recommend his language services to the parents or the guardians of international students, because I have personally observed consistent improvements in my students’ speaking, reading, and writing abilities. One of my students came from Korea with no English background. In addition to English enrichment courses, this student also took regular classes concurrently. That is no easy task for anyone who just started learning a new language from scratch. The same student, who took his courses for only two semesters during her stay with me, ended up being both an Honor Roll and High Honor Roll student. However, I do want to emphasize to all parents of international students that his students are evaluated individually. Just because someone we know may have picked up the language in less than a year, it does not mean all students will become self-sufficient in one year. I hope the parents and guardians of the international students would understand this. Mr. Franek is a responsible, dependable and honest individual. There was not one time he was not available to hear my concerns I had toward my students. All my international students have graduated from his program and have gone back home. The parents back home are particularly impressed by the level of education their children received from Mr. Franek’s language services. I hope to work with Mr. Franek again in the future.
-Hana Chung, Guardian for International Exchange Students

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